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Updated: Mar 30, 2020

With all of the uncertainty, change and panic that is part of the current pandemic (although Therapeutic Parents are very unflappable as a general rule) I thought it would be good to put together some of the great ideas that we all have for helping all of our families to manage being out of school or in enforced periods of isolation.

1. Have a clearly displayed plan telling children what do in the event of a parent becoming ill. Below is courtesy of one of our Parents and is a great idea! The mixture of practical advice and humour is fantastic.

2. Use a visual timetable to give your day some structure. Have a mixture of learning activities, physical activities, connecting activities (board games, video games, reading, art) don’t forget you can walk in public parks if you are not in isolation, just maintain social distance. Having this structure will really help to stabilise your children and you! We have timetables available from our shop -

3. Jo Wicks is running daily PE sessions on his YouTube Channel starting Monday (23rd). His YouTube can be found here -

4. Indoor activities: Arts and crafts; blow football (use straws and cotton wool balls across a table – the blowing relieves stress!) play shops – use empty packages. Read a story. Learn life skills – help to cook, (science, maths) do some chores, catch up on DIY, play hide and seek using small toys around the house. Board games, jigsaws, small world play. Write letters to people. Keep a scrap book or diary. Have a project based around child or YP interests. More ideas here:

5. Outdoor activities: Garden play – football, trampoline, badminton, rounders, catch. Make up PE activities – star jumps, races, tag. If not isolating go to open spaces or woodland, make dens, climb trees, make a check list of natural objects to find and hunt for them. Build a bug hotel and see who comes to stay. Buy birdseed and see what birds come to visit. Grow your own vegetables! More ideas here:

And here:

6. Stay connected when isolated: make the most of facetime, whatsapp etc. Keep in touch, get ideas from each other.

7. Look out for the virtual support groups NATP are running over the coming weeks, and remember that you can also speak to anyone on the NATP Team.

Keep Busy

Stay Connected

Stay safe!

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