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Allegation Support

For Foster Parents, Adopters, Birth Parents, Special Guardians and Kinship Carers.

Why we wrote this Allegation Support Pack

By Sarah Naish, Gareth Griffiths and Jane Mitchell


At ‘The National Association of Therapeutic Parents’ (part of The Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma), we support thousands of therapeutic parents all over the U.K. Most of these families are helping children who have experienced trauma, and/or have additional needs.

Over the last four years we have been dismayed by the number of allegations against therapeutic parents that are mishandled, delayed unnecessarily, fall outside of regulations and leave those being investigated isolated and terrified.

We know that this has had major negative impacts on both the lives of the parents, and the children in their care.

Although we are aware that some Councils adhere to guidelines and legislation, supporting families well through this difficult process, sadly there are many unskilled Local Authorities who have failed to implement even the most basic training around the impact of trauma, or to adhere to regulations regarding timescales and communication with the parents. This has led to;

  • children being moved prematurely and unnecessarily

  • family breakdown

  • serious mental health problems

  • suicide

At COECT, we recognise that some allegations are of course founded, and it is essential to take action to protect children from further harm, but whatever the circumstances of the allegation you are facing, you will all need independent support, and you are entitled to receive it.

If you require any further information regarding our Allegation Support, please contact us today

A free Allegation Support Pack

This pack is free of charge and designed to help any parent facing an allegation.


The legislation is applicable to UK, and updates regarding other guidance and regulations are in process to include Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. No part of this pack may be altered, copied or shared without the express permission of The Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma. 

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