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Sometimes, you may feel that other professionals don’t completely understand your child or family's situation. Trying to explain the reason behind why your child displays certain behaviours or how they are perceived in class can be frustrating.  

Our advocacy service allows you to openly discuss any concerns related to your children, including issues with school, behaviour, or transitions. We will collaborate with you and the relevant professionals to ensure that everyone's perspectives are considered and aligned.

Why choose Advocacy with NATP?

Advocacy can help you feel confident speaking up for your child’s rights and educational needs. You may already know the answers but just need someone to talk through your thoughts with or someone to support you at meetings you need to attend. Our advocacy service is made up of a team of professionals from education, social work, fostering, and training backgrounds who can advocate for you, depending on your needs.


Navigating Complex Systems

  • Educational systems can be complex to navigate. An advocate can assist you in understanding your rights, available services, and the most effective ways to support your child.

  • They can guide parents through processes such as the Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) in England, Individual Development Plan (IDP) in Wales, or Coordinated Support Plan (CSP) in Scotland.


 Effective Communication with Schools

  • When you need to talk to schools, advocates can help you share your concerns, ask questions, and collaborate effectively with teachers and leaders.

  • Feeling heard and understood as a parent can have a positive impact on your child's education.


Knowledge and Empowerment

  • As a parent, it's important to know about effective strategies, laws, and policies that can help your child. When you are informed about your child’s rights and available support, you can confidently ask for the services your child needs.


Individualised Solutions

  • As a parent, an advocate will work closely with you to create plans that are best suited to your child's needs. They will ensure that the support provided is just right for your child.

  • An advocate will help you in speaking up for what's best for your child, whether it's about making changes, getting the right support, or seeking extra help.


Reduce Stress and Frustration.

  • Dealing with educational issues can be tough for parents. An advocate will offer guidance, support, and answers to help ease the burden.

  • You can focus on supporting your child while the advocate handles the more challenging aspects.



Our advocacy services start at £105 per hour plus VAT for NATP members, (non members price is £150 per hour) this can include any of the following depending on your support needs.  

  • Consultation to determine how we can assist, navigating systems (e.g. social services, education system, health system), and supporting you as the parent, to make informed choices.

  • Acting as a voice for you and mediating to support a better working partnership between parents and educational settings by attending a meeting or meetings.

  • Assisting you to access other sources of support.


If you could use some help, please feel free to ask for more support with advocacy by filling out the form below.

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