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Corporate Membership

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Are you looking to support the parents and staff you work with an emphasis on a trauma-informed approach?


We have the answer!


The corporate pack provides options to suit your company’s needs. This is a great benefit for several very good reasons:


  • Members can access all NATP support services by having an opportunity to get together via their local in-person Listening Circle or a Virtual Listening Circle. This allows them to access peer support groups and in turn promotes family stability.

  • With a focus on Interrupting and Preventing compassion fatigue, members will also receive a discount on selected therapeutic interventions through The Haven Parenting and Wellbeing Centre.

Who Is This Membership For?

This membership is suitable for:​​

  • Independent Fostering/Adoption agencies.

  • Charities and any agency/organisations supporting families of children that have suffered trauma.

  • Local Authorities.

  • Nurseries, Children's Centres & Early Years settings.

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Enquire Now!

If your agency would like to become part of our supporting professionals community, and develop a trauma-informed approach, please fill out the below form, we will then send you a Corporate Information Pack and can arrange a phone call/meeting to discuss anything further, and answer any questions you might have. 

Thanks for submitting!

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