NATP Corporate Membership

Who Is This Membership For? 

This membership is suitable for Local Authorities, Independent Fostering/Adoption agencies and any agency/organisations supporting professionals and parents who are caring for children that have suffered trauma. 

What Is Therapeutic Parenting?

Therapeutic Parenting is a nurturing parenting style developed from consistent, empathic, insightful connected responses to a child’s distress and behaviours, allowing the child to begin to self-regulate and develop an understanding of their behaviours and ultimately form secure attachments and minimise the impact of childhood trauma.

Therapeutic Parenting differs from ‘Traditional Parenting’ in that it does not use time out/any form of corporal punishment, shame the child, use reward charts, expect the child to self-regulate or feel empathy and remorse.

Therapeutic Parenting is effective for ALL children, not only those who have suffered trauma. It simply works more quickly with securely attached children.
Please note: Therapeutic Parenting does NOT mean parents are practising psychological therapies on their child.

Why Parent This Way?

Therapeutic Parenting helps to create new pathways in the child’s brain to link cause and effect, reduce levels of fear and shame, and help the child make sense of their world.
Therapeutic Parenting uses empathy and connection to guide behaviours and help children understand where they came from. Therapeutic Parenting recognises that behaviour is communication, which is often based in fear. It also emphasises a need for parents to respond to the child’s emotional age, not their chronological age.


We are giving you the opportunity to offer the amazing benefits of membership to your staff and families at a discounted price by signing up as a ‘Registered Corporate Member’.  

From £300 per year

How To Join


If you and your agency would like to become part of this ever-growing organisation and develop your skills in trauma, please request a Corporate Information Pack from or telephone 01453 519000. 

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