“Well, after a seven-month ordeal, we are finally through our second fostering panel. Following some major disagreements with our local authority, we came out of panel with some positive comments that were so good to hear.

I wanted to share this for a couple of reasons. The first is to say a huge thank you to NAOTP, in particular, to Jane Mitchell. Seven months ago, when things suddenly turned bad, we felt completely alone, with us against the power of the local authority. Then Jane stepped up and gave us so much of what we needed to keep going. She spoke up for us, she helped us understand the process, she helped us to see the good in our parenting.

The second reason I mention this is because I wanted to encourage you to keep going. Parenting kids like ours can be really, really tough, so find what you need to persevere. Self-care, people who get it, forums like this, books, podcasts, journaling, whatever it takes. There were times where I wondered if we'd get to this point, and I'm so pleased that we did, because our kiddo needed us to.

Today I'm sat here watching our kiddo doing really well. It was worth keeping going.

Hang in there folks!”

The Therapeutic Dad (Anon NATP Member)

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Where it all begins, there is always a beginning. A moment when a parent says, ‘Could we…?, ‘Should we…?‘ Then we take the plunge, contact the Local Authority or agency and start the process, with great expectations, tradition and excitement.

This is also a beginning for the children. This is often not so positive….

Watch this video of Adopter Sarah Naish and her eldest Adoptive Daughter Rosie Jefferies, as they share their own personal experiences of before they met, expectations, meeting, moving in and the honeymoon period.

In yesterday’s podcast were heard from former child in care, Rosie Jefferies.

Rosie talks frankly about the fears and emotions she experienced as a small child at the start of her adoption journey.

First meetings and moving a child into your family can be among the most important in helping a child, especially a traumatised one, settle well.

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