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Trauma-Informed Parents (TIPs) Magazine - Issue 5 out now. (September 2023)

In this issue, Daniel and Anne discuss trauma-informed teaching, while Hannah shares how her alternative education centre, Wickselm House Learning Centre CIC, supports children’s emotional and social needs to help them reintegrate into school. Sair explores compassion fatigue in teaching, provides a recap on the signs and symptoms to look out for and strategies to prevent teachers from slipping into compassion fatigue.

We also have an NATP resource that identifies the pre-birth and post-birth indicators of early trauma and how to support children with early life in the school environment, and Emma discusses why some children cannot fit into the traditional school system with the help of some children who have been unable to attend for significant reasons. 

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TIPS magazine
Trauma-Informed Parents (TIPs) Magazine - Issue 6 out now. (September 2023)

As the holiday season approaches, we may need to navigate through transitions. Christmas can be challenging for both children and adults, especially from a sensory processing perspective, with the flashing or twinkling lights and social events with relatives, which can be overwhelming. In this issue, we will explore how to manage seasonal transitions.

Jessica, a therapeutic social worker and TBRI practitioner provides an introduction to Trust-Based Relational Intervention® and explains the process involved. Additionally, our wellbeing article delves into the topic of compassion fatigue and provides practical tips for preventing burnout. Mark, a parent, seasoned life coach and personal trainer, shares his insights on how exercise can serve as an effective stress reliever.

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TIPS magazine
Trauma-Informed Parenting Magazine – Issue 4 out July 2023

In this issue, we explore the benefits of therapy dogs with Rachael and her therapy dog Buddy. As the summer holidays approach we take a look at how to manage the summer holidays, with strategies to use before, during and after. Emma takes us through the basics of therapeutic parenting, and Amy tells her well-being journey. Also, our Ask the Experts section focuses on lying and stealing in this issue of the magazine.

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TIPS magazine
New Trauma-Informed book for Schools, coming out in August.  (June 2023)

Sair and Sarah, along with the rest of the CoECT schools team Daniel. Hannah & Anne have been busy for the last 18 months writing the A-Z for Schools called "The A-Z of Trauma-Informed Teaching; Strategies and Solutions to Help with Behaviour and Support for Children Aged 3-11 years."  The book is now available to pre-order now, and also forms the basis of the CoECT conference this year which is taking place on Thursday 19th October. 

The book will be launched on August 21st and tickets for the conference can be booked via Inspire Training Group by clicking here.

The A-Z Trauma Informed Teaching book
Trauma-Informed Parents (TIPs) Magazine - Issue 3 out now. (May 2023)

Its May already, where has the time gone!

As we embark on the summer months ahead, we look to the next issue of TIPs magazine, which comes out on the 20th May. This issue looks at Terminology in fostering, Sibling Rivalry, Compassion fatigue, and NATP's Sarah Dowling talks about her role as Volunteer Co-ordinator at NATP.

You can read the new edition of the TIPs magazine here, or order a paper copy from the NATP shop.

TIPS magazine
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