The Anguish Behind Understanding How the Family Courts Work

"Bazza" is a professional social worker with in-depth experience of working in the family courts protecting the rights - and the futures - of children.

For good professional reasons, she has to remain anonymous.

But on this podcast edition she provides us with an invaluable insight into how the family courts arrive at their decisions.

Decisions which make fundamental differences to people's lives and most especially, to traumatized children's lives.

"Bazza" explains about the research, the soul-seeking, and the genuine desire to do the right thing that goes into the court's pronouncements.

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This week’s focus is around ‘Why Child Do the Things They Do’, this is something we get asked about a lot! Why does my child do the things he/she does? Why does he/she never seem to learn?

The key to changing our children’s behaviours, and thereby making life a bit easier for everyone is to understand the ‘why’, but without actually asking ‘why’. It is never straightforward, but if we remember that fear often masquerades as defiant anger, we are off to a good start…

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Extract taken: Therapeutic Parenting Essentials: Moving from Trauma to Trust

This week we have been looking at the ‘emotional age’, this is one of the hardest things for parents, supporting professionals, teachers and connected others to grasp that our children’s physical development and the child’s emotional age is not always the same.

Read more about this in the 'Developmental Awareness' resource.

NATP 18 - Developmental Awareness
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