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A story for children with difficult memories. Teddy lives with his Mum but had a difficult start in life. Some of the things that happened are hard for him to understand and keep reminding him of sad and scary times.


"This was great to read with my boy who had a very difficult start. The story explains clearly how bad memories affect everyday life and make it hard for him to settle especially at night. I loved the way the 'monster'is dealt with in such a way that it's acknowledged it will take a while to sort out but in the meantime Mums got this! Thank you really brilliant!"


"It is so difficult to find quality books that touch on trauma and adoption. With this author, I feel like I've discovered gold. Not only do these books help my kid better understand his feelings and actions, but they help me find the language and understanding to help build attachment and strengthen my relationship with my child. Absolutely love this author and so very grateful for these books.

Teddy Tappy and the Tangley Memory Monster

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