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This colourful pack of jumbo cards is the ideal resource for anyone who wants a fresh and creative way to explore what therapeutic parenting involves.

Designed to help parents of children who have experienced trauma, as well as the range of professionals who support them, this pack offers simple summaries of the key principles of therapeutic parenting. Each card features a cartoon and quote taken from the author's bestselling book The Quick Guide to Therapeutic Parenting. Each explains a different element of therapeutic parenting, accompanied by a concise explanation on the back. Over 40 different issues are covered, from dysregulation and fear, to setting boundaries and parenting in the midst of trauma, and the cards are accompanied by a booklet which explains more about therapeutic parenting and how the pack can be used.

The resource has been designed to be used flexibly, so get creative! You may want to use as a playful conversation starter for talking about parenting, a learning tool for those wanting to develop their skills, or simply a source of inspiration - pinned to the wall for when things get tough!

Jumbo Therapeutic Parenting Cards

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