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Teens in care

Being a teen is sodding hard work,

I’m always accused of being a jerk,

They say that I’m grumpy, selfish bad,

No one takes time to realise I’m sad.

You see that I’m growing, yet inside I’m small,

I cannot ‘behave’ so I’m kicked out of school,

I’m constantly told that I must act my age,

But I am still stuck at the toddler stage!

My early life needs are remaining unmet,

All I can see is the world is a threat,

A threat to my safety and need to survive,

I find it far better to stay here and hide,

I hide in my bedroom out of the way,

Living in games for most of the day,

Virtual reality is now my new home,

Or spending six hours glued to my phone,

I want to avoid this growing up bit,

But everyone thinks I’m an ignorant git,

I pull up my hoodie when I venture downstairs,

To block out the noise of your tutting and glares,

If only you knew how I truly am feeling,

The pain in my heart would leave you all reeling,

Reeling with guilt that you wish you had known,

Why I escape in my Xbox and phone.

You always remind me of what I’ve done wrong,

I’ll soon be 18 and will need to move on,

They’ve told you to teach me independence skills,

But all that we have are a battle of wills.

Are they so stupid that they can’t understand?

I’m still just a toddler, but my body a man,

Until you have met my early life needs,

I cannot move on and I cannot succeed.

Pushed down a road that I truly can’t face,

Expected to enter the adulthood race,

Getting a job and running a home,

Perhaps now you know why I hide in my phone,

I want to avoid leaving this place,

I know I’m a failure and an utter disgrace,

How can they put me out in society?

Just the mere thought gives way to anxiety,

When it all goes wrong, they won’t give a shite,

I’ll be out of the ‘system’ and no one will fight,

To get me the help that I should have had then,

To stop toddlers living as if they are men!

Seventeen placements,

Never a home,

Just get out my room,

And give me my PHONE!

Therapeutic Parenting gives hope to the hopeless,

Therapeutic Parenting meets unmet needs,

Therapeutic Parenting enables children to grow into productive and often happy young people,

Therapeutic Parenting rewires brains,

Therapeutic Parenting breaks negative cycles,

Therapeutic Parenting SAVES LIVES!

Written by Sarah Dillon ©

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