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How Therapeutic Parenting changed our life.

My life before Therapeutic Parenting was very stressful, I wasn't sure I could carry on as my whole life and my family’s life was turned upside down. I had a nervous breakdown at Christmas and had to ring MASH as I really couldn't cope any more and needed support.

Now being introduced to the National Associate of Therapeutic Parents and finding out about Therapeutic Parenting It has been life changing! My 5-year-old adopted daughter used to really struggle with her emotions and pushed every button she could to get a reaction. I understand this wasn't her fault at all, but I was trying to parent her the way I knew and did with my birth son’s who are 17 and 9 years old, but of course this was never going to work!!! T

Therapeutic Parenting has made so much sense and I'm learning more and more every day. So much so I’m doing the Diploma in Therapeutic Parenting. A friend works for a local children's services and has asked me to work with her to help other parents.

Sarah Norris. Adopter

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