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An Alternative Easter

'Twas the night before Easter,

And nothing did stir,

Mummy had wine

It was all a nice blur.

The chocolate was hidden,

The children asleep,

No drama at bedtime,

Not even a peep

The huge chocolate eggs, a nice tempting prize,

Had sweetened the children to soon close their eyes.

Apart from one house.

The house on the corner had all its lights on,

The children were screaming, the Easter Eggs gone!

The eggs had been eaten, but NO ONE had seen them,

(Just chocolate and handprints with sick in between them).

The parents asked why, but the children denied it,

(They knew not to say that the eldest supplied it).

The youngest admitted he'd 'just had a lick'

The dog wandered past, casually eyeing the sick.

The parents soon tired of all the mad lying

The blaming and shouting, the pointing and crying,

'It's just such a shame', Mum said- with sad face,

'As now there's no time for eggs to be replaced!'

Next morning at breakfast their faces were sad,

It looked like remorse- but Mum could not be had,

She'd found the egg wrappers all under their bed

No Easter eggs. 'Natural consequences,' she said.

She shared in their sadness and nurtured their pain,

Then later they went for a walk in the rain,

And when they returned, they all helped to make,

A rather nice chocolate Easter cake!

(Which they then argued about).

Sarah Naish ©

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