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Listening Circles (Peer Support Groups)

Listening Circles are locally and virtually organised support groups.

Support, coffee and cake!!!

We have found that sometimes you need to offload to someone who understands.  The Listening circles give you the ideal space to catch up, laugh, cry, and eat cake.  If you need additional help and advice, your Listening Circle Co-ordinator will offer advice if appropriate, or direct you to the helpline or our support services for more specific advice.


Here are just some of the reasons to get involved:

  • People who “get” it. No Judgement. No blame. Just small groups of like-minded families ready to laugh and cry alongside you.

  • Build a network… for socialising, for support, for friendship.

  • Get great new ideas and strategies! 

  • Feel empowered and confident.

  • This is a chance to relax and unwind.

  • Relevant topics for discussion and development of strategies.

  • Selfcare – protect yourself from compassion fatigue.

NATP also invites supporting professionals to join listening circles specific to them, to meet other therapeutic professionals and promote cohesive working within their team.

Any issues raised during Listening Circles regarding safeguarding are referred to NATP’s Safeguarding Officer, who is an appropriately trained, and a registered Social Worker.


Circle  Coordinator

Volunteer Representative

NATP Head Office

If you are not sure which group you might belong to, call the office and they can help link you up with your Listening Circle Co-ordinator. 

You are NOT alone!


Give the gift of empathy and become a volunteer today!

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Virtual Listening Circles

With people joining worldwide, we have set up Virtual Listening Circles to support members and their families, no matter where they are.

Because of their popularity throughout the Covid-19 lockdowns, Virtual Listening Circles are now available to all members.

We know that a variety of things can make attending face to face events tricky: difficulty with childcare, accessibility, transport, etc. Why not join a Virtual Listening Circle from the comfort of your own home instead?


Non-members can access one free trial Listening Circle.

Find Your Local LC
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Find Your Local Listening Circle

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