Listening Circles

Listening Circles are locally and virtually organised support groups of 6 to 20 people.

The themes discussed at Listening Circles are related to Therapeutic Parenting, solutions, challenges, and assisting parents to overcome feelings of isolation. Discussions are intended to empower parents in dealing with external agencies when trying to access resources for their child. Discussion about local politics, fees, and other field-specific discussions are actively discouraged.

Social Workers, teachers, and other supporting professionals are invited to Listening Circles specific to them. This may help to allay fears and promote more cohesive working. 

Any issues raised regarding Safeguarding are referred to NAOTP’s Safeguarding Officer who is an appropriately trained, experienced, and a registered Social Worker.


The NAOTP does not work as a Fostering Agency and provides no competition for IFAs.



Circle  Coordinator

Volunteer Representative

NATP Head Office


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Virtual Listening Circles

With people now joining worldwide, we have set up Virtual Listening Circles to support members and their families no matter where they are. These have proved so popular that they are now available to ALL members of NATP, as we know sometimes it can be hard attending face to face Listening Circles for a variety of reasons.


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