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NATP Members Empathic Listening Service

Empathic Listening Service.

Nothing could be simpler – just phone the office on 01453 519000 to speak to one of our friendly members of staff. Give a brief explanation of your situation, and leave your phone number and email address.  We will then book you an appointment with either one of our empathic listeners to arrange a conversation at your convenience.

All of our listeners have first hand experience of living with traumatised children. Calls can last up to 45 minutes.

Image by Diogo Brandao

Please note: The listener will not give highly specialised advice about specific or targeted issues, or provide a structured training plan to address the issues you are facing.  NATP members are entitled to 1 empathic listening call a month, additional sessions within the month can be booked for a fee of £15 per call.

Not yet a member? find out more here

Book an Empathetic Listening Call

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