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Providing support and guidance for parents everywhere – let's work together to build strong families

Join the National Association of Therapeutic Parents and become part of a supportive community dedicated to empowering parents of children who have experienced adverse childhood experiences or whose children present with neurodivergent characteristics.   


We strive to be a place where parents can come together to build relationships, gain knowledge and share experiences. Our goal is to create a community of support and understanding, raise awareness of compassion fatigue, and support parents who experience this, with the aim of helping our children reach their full potential.

Join us today and together, let's make a difference.

"The African proverb says “It takes a village to raise a child.” NATP has created that village for families of children who have experienced early life trauma and families with neurodivergent children."

NATP Member

Mission Statement

The National Association of Therapeutic Parents is a non- profit organisation which provides a peer support network for parents of children who have experienced early life trauma or whose children present with neurodivergent charachteristics. Our mission is to provide the tools and resources necessary to promote better outcomes for these children.


We do this by providing consistent, high-quality support to therapeutic parents regardless of their relationship to the child, including foster, adoptive, kinship carer, special guardian, step parent, or birth parent.


With our help, parents & those supporting professionals working with the family, can gain the knowledge and support they need to effectively nurture and care for their children.

“Therapeutic parenting is the hardest, most worthwhile thing you will ever do.”

Sarah Naish

The Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma



To assist Therapeutic Parents in gaining the specialist knowledge, skills, insight, and strategies required for effective Therapeutic Parenting.

To guide Therapeutic Parents towards effective and relevant suppo
rt, especially in relation to minimising the effects of compassion fatigue.

To promote and assist cohesive partnerships between Therapeutic Parents and supporting professionals.

To improve outcomes for all our children.

Latest News

NATP is part of an umbrella organisation The Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma (CoECT) and have contributed to creating the TIPs (Trauma Informed Parents) bi-monthly magazine.

This is free to read online, use the button below to subscribe to the TIPs magazine and other CoECT news.  or you can purchase paper copies from the NATP shop.


NATP Gift card

Our NATP gift card is the perfect solution for those tough gift-giving moments. With our gift card, your recipient will have the freedom to choose exactly what they want from NATP membership to shop items. 

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