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Therapeutic Parenting Podcast Episode 7

How to Help a Traumatised Child go to Sleep

In this episode, Jessica Jackson, an academic and practicing social worker as well as the adopter of two sibling boys joins us to advise on how to help a traumatized child go to sleep.

Wherever childhood trauma occurs, sleep will be impacted. Nigh time might well be associated with bad memories and it is well known that traumatized children are more susceptible to nightmares and night terrors. Jessica knows what she talking about from a professional and personal point of view. Here she advises us on:

  • Why sleep is disturbed for traumatized children

  • How to establish key bedtime routines

  • What kind of food to give to help children feel sleepy

  • How to make your child's bedroom conducive to sleep

  • How to respond to their emotional behaviour and to reassure them

  • How to cocoon and make a child feel safe

  • Why parents shouldn’t feel guilty if things don’t always go to plan

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