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When you think you’ve blown it!

When all is at odds and you’ve blown your stack Take time to breathe and find your way back You’ve not caused such damage that can’t be repaired At least you now know your emotions are aired.

Those little connections you’ve formed in their brain Haven’t unravelled, they safely remain Unhindered by moments when you’ve had your enough They wait for tomorrow while you fill your cup

We all have those moments when TP has gone None of us perfect, we ALL get things wrong! The children won’t suffer, they know you still care How do they know this? Because you’re still there.

A rare burst of anger won’t cause any damage It gives them a chance to see how to manage Great big emotions that sometimes burst out Even from parents who rarely would shout

As long as we tell them our love still remains They’re not moving on and all stays the same This teaches the children that anger won’t mean You and the child have a wall in between.

So take a deep breath and call up a friend Someone who ‘get’s it’ and won’t try to mend A listening ear and a bowl full of love Empathy, nurture and maybe a hug

Be kind to yourself, this road is so tough

We all understand when you’ve had enough!

The NATP is here for you all

To pick you back up when you’ve had a fall.

By Sarah Dillon - Founding committee member.

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