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What is wrong with me?

They don’t know what’s wrong with me

Some say I have ADHD

Others say it’s Attachment related

Their manual needs to be updated!

My problems stem from all my trauma

Unmet needs have caused disorder

My front brain hasn’t come on line

I’m stuck in survival all the time

My teacher said it’s ODD

I can’t allow control of me

I’m oppositional and defiant

As I’m used to being self reliant

Perhaps I have PDA

That’s why I push them all away

After that I reel them in

It’s the only way that I can win

Maybe I have ASD

I’ve not learned to do empathy

I line my stuff up in a row

Trying to get my brain to grow

The GP thinks it’s SPD

A referral to the new OT

It’s now official she has said

A weighted blanket for my bed

Lots of labels on my file

An EHCP for quite a while

An urgent request for therapy

Will CAMHS have the space for me

My personality is on the border

I’ve now got a new disorder

Taking meds late at night

So I can sleep without a fight

I only wish that they could see

What is truly wrong with me

It’s all Developmental Trauma

The rest are symptoms of the disorder

Sarah Dillon ©

Sarah Dillon, along with Sarah Naish and Jane Mitchell have written a book that will help you understand the behaviours behind the above diagnoses -

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1 Comment

Unknown member
May 23, 2020

Lovely poem Sarah. I am sure like me, there are a lot of families who resonate with that experience. The answer to all those diagnoses is two more acronyms - PACE & TLC

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