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Tomorrow is another day!

Have you ever lost it Ever got it wrong We must chose to forgive ourselves Learn and then move on We can’t be held accountable For things we never knew When Parenting the standard way Was all there was to do Now we have much info The research is quite clear Therapeutic Parenting For those we hold most dear We have to find our triggers So we are more aware Of those really tricky moments That interrupt our care Honesty is difficult We have to look quite deep To find those dreaded memories That knock us off our feet Or is it your strong moral code That oft gets in the way Of letting go of little things That pile up through the day Maybe it is rooted In the way that you were raised Perhaps Love was conditional With very little praise Or is it dreaded trauma Lurking deep inside That takes you to an ugly place From which you’d rather hide None of us are perfect We’re bound to make mistakes Regular repairing Is often all it takes Repairing with our children Can often be quite tough To really say you’re sorry When you’ve just had enough That’s when we need to realise The real work starts with us Delinking all our own triggers Plus self care is a must Put the past behind behind you Throw your guilt into the bin Tomorrow is another day Let that day begin! © Sarah Dillon - NATP Founding Member.

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