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Thank you to our volunteers!

1-7th June is Volunteers Week!

We want to celebrate and recognise the wonderful contribution that all our Volunteers make to NATP and Volunteers Week provides us with a great chance to do this!

This last year has been unprecedented in terms of stress and the challenges that the pandemic has placed us under. We want to take this opportunity to say thank you and to recognise the amazing contribution our volunteers all made to NATP members.

Sarah Dillon puts into words how we feel in this special poem…

Thank you to our volunteers

For all that you have done

Supporting many families

So they are not alone

Setting up the LCs and giving up your time

Encouraging our members to walk the TP line

Offering a listening ear when others need to talk

Showing them a resource or a recommended book

Discussing useful strategies to minimise behaviours

Giving reassurance when parents feel like failures

We want to say we see it all, we recognise your worth

Members who felt voiceless now tell us they feel heard!

The NATP would not exist without your dedication

Your commitment to our parents

in every situation

We truly do appreciate everything you do

But most all we want to say THANK YOU for being you!

Love Sarah Dillon xx

© Sarah Dillon

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