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take a moment

Take a moment

Before you answer,

Take a moment

Before you yell,

Take a moment before your share your feelings,

I’m trying to deal with mine as well!

Take a moment and just think,

Where I might be coming from

It won’t be what you imagine

I don’t want you to get it wrong.

Take a moment if you can

And reconnect with me

I need you,

Though I’ll deny it.

Take a moment,

Just you, with me.

Take a moment in the hurry,

And in the chaos too,

Take a moment,

Hold my heart,

The way I know I want you to.

Take a moment, close your eyes

And sit with me a while,

Take a moment,

And consider,

All of this WILL be worthwhile.

Take a moment,

Just for you,

To reconnect inside,

I can see the hurt you feel

I know you can reach the hurt in me.

Take a moment

When you are angry,

I can feel it too

It’s scary, that feeling,

For both of us.

Take a moment,

And return to you.

Take a moment,

Take a breath,

Then take a moment more.

Take a moment,

And please know,

You are healing my tender heart.

By Dawn Henderson, NATP Member

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