take a moment

Take a moment

Before you answer,

Take a moment

Before you yell,

Take a moment before your share your feelings,

I’m trying to deal with mine as well!

Take a moment and just think,

Where I might be coming from

It won’t be what you imagine

I don’t want you to get it wrong.

Take a moment if you can

And reconnect with me

I need you,

Though I’ll deny it.

Take a moment,

Just you, with me.

Take a moment in the hurry,

And in the chaos too,

Take a moment,

Hold my heart,

The way I know I want you to.

Take a moment, close your eyes

And sit with me a while,

Take a moment,

And consider,

All of this WILL be worthwhile.

Take a moment,

Just for you,

To reconnect inside,

I can see the hurt you feel

I know you can reach the hurt in me.

Take a moment

When you are angry,

I can feel it too

It’s scary, that feeling,

For both of us.

Take a moment,

And return to you.

Take a moment,

Take a breath,

Then take a moment more.

Take a moment,

And please know,

You are healing my tender heart.

By Dawn Henderson, NATP Member

NATP Ltd trading as

The National Association of Therapeutic Parents with company registration number 10705603.

01453 519000

The Priory, Long Street, Dursley, Gloucestershire,

GL11 4HR