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Natural and Logical Consequences

Natural consequences happen naturally without our intervention

As punishment and shaming should not be our intention

We want to help our little ones to learn to make good choices

But we will not achieve this through lectures or raised voices

The purpose of the consequence is to help their growing brains

To link behaviour to an outcome without causing further pain

The consequence arises from a choice the child has made

The parent let’s this happen without jumping to their aid!

Although this is the best approach, we always must remember

To offer lots of empathy, kindness, care and nurture

As our child experiences the impact of their choice

We come along beside them with comfort in our voice

At other times we may decide to use a little intervention

As building those new synapses is always our intention

Logical consequences can sometimes be our saviour

When seeking to link consequences to unhelpful behaviour

Sarah Dillon (c)

Therapeutic Lead National Association or Therapeutic Parents

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