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Why do we suggest you join The NATP?

Is it just for help with ADHD

No, it’s far more than that,

It’s give you the support,

To manage behaviours that make you so fraught!

Developmental Trauma is the cause the problems,

And we’ve got the experts who can help you to solve them,

A wealth of knowledge and downloadable resources,

Not to mention the free courses!

Small caring groups called Listening Circles,

Where you’ll gain the knowledge to overcome hurdles,

Empathy, cake and sometimes a hug,

From others who ‘get it’ and have lots of love!

A helpline to call for a listening ear,

When life’s really tough and you need us to hear,

Open access to our closed members page,

For help and advice at every stage!

And did you know, is it’s all not for profit,

It’s growing so fast and no one can stop it,

We now have parents from all over the globe,

All getting on the TP Road!

We’ve done the research on Compassion Fatigue,

And wrote lots of books for you to read,

You’ll soon discover it’s the best support around,

All the above for only £4.99!

Find out more about NATP Here -

Written by Sarah Dillon (Director of Therapeutic Leads)

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