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I’m NOT doing Homework

Why do I HAVE to do stupid homework I’ve done enough work at school Keeping myself really quiet Or breaking every rule.

Either way you look at it It’s not been that much fun I can’t cope with you being my teacher As well as being my Mum.

My relationships are far more important Than ridiculous, pointless SATS Or GCSE’s, I’ll fail anyway And so what if I’m crap at Maths.

If I don’t rewire my brain Which only YOU can help me do I’ll remain in survival mode And continue to feel like Poo.

School is such a scary place So noisy and so busy I honestly cannot concentrate Cos my head feels really fizzy.

When I come home I want to leave School outside the door I know I’m 10 chronologically But developmentally I’m 4!

If I choose to do some work Without it causing me shame Then be available if I need your help But your role must remain the same.

If the school get really cross Cos I refuse to do work at home Download a letter from the NATP Then You won’t feel so alone.

But wait you say, what about my future Won’t it hold me back??? Well if I don’t rewire my brain I’ll only get the SACK!

If I cant do relationships How will I hold down a job? So when they get annoyed with you Tell em to ‘Sod off’

©Sarah Dillon NATP

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thank you for this, very appropriate right now for out 10 year old and the impending move to secondary school! Is there a specific homework letter, or does it refer to the general letter to school?

Mi piace
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