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I am your Amygdala

I am your Amygdala, I’m deep inside your brain I alert you when there’s danger, over and over again I haven’t got the power to switch off on my own You need adults there to help you, to know you’re not alone.

Sometimes I’m confused and send out a false alarm That tells you you’re in danger, when really there’s no harm I’ve got lots of scary memories stored inside of me To make sure you’re kept safe from any enemy.

The problem that I have is I can’t tell truth from lies So I tell you that all adults are monsters in disguise I’m often overreacting to stuff that’s not a risk Even if an adult’s safe, I can’t tell that he/she is.

I’m always on alert for scary dangerous predators So when they say you’re safe, it hardly ever registers I send out scary signals that make your body wobble So it’s truly very sad when people say you’re horrible.

It’s really not your fault when you move into attack You’re life is now in danger and It’s me who told you that Sometimes you will freeze or start to run away Or I switch off all your words, so you don’t know what to say.

My alarm gets even louder when they look You in the eye Your body’s now on fire and you think that you might die I’ve Zero common sense and have no way to reflect The main aim of my role is to move into protect.

I hijack all your thinking and your front brain goes offline For you to calm back down is gonna take some time So I want to make it clear that I am in control When you’re overrun with cortisol and anger in your soul.

I’m really not your enemy, I want you to survive Anything that threatens your right to stay alive But sometimes I’m confused and read stuff incorrectly So I’m truly very sorry when they treat you so unfairly.

If only others realised you haven’t got a choice When I perceive a threat, I am the loudest voice Even when that threat is unknown to all involved Within a millisecond you’ll be running down that road.

I overtake your body and your overactive mind Pushing you to fight, leaving judgement far behind You have no way of knowing when I will be set off It could be something silly like an over zealous cough.

Adults need to understand that it’s I who is the boss When they blame you for reacting and begin to tell you off For something you have no idea of how to overcome Without Therapeutic Parenting and cuddles from your Mum.

Written by Sarah Dillon

Head of Therapeutic Leads National Association of Therapeutic Parents ©

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