The Allegation Response Management Pack

This Allegation Support Pack has been created 


We have created this pack so that families know where to find guidance and support in the event that they are accused falsely.  


Created and delivered by The Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma to help therapeutic parents and supporting professionals, caring for children from trauma, when there is an allegation.


Why Do We Need An Allegation Support Pack?

It is a fact that children in care make allegations.  Sadly, sometimes these are well founded and current.  However often these allegations are actually memories of past experiences re-emerging under stress.  Whichever of these it is, having an allegation made against you is an extremely stressful event.

Children that have suffered from Adverse Childhood Experiences (trauma such as neglect and abuse) can have muddled memories that mean that they experience past events as happening in the here and now, so a false allegation may be in fact a disclosure of a historical event.  Alternatively, a false allegation may be made out of anger or an unconscious need to reject the foster/ adoptive parents. 

Parents that have suffered from false allegations frequently report lack of support, care or understanding in the handling of these allegations.  At CoECT we are committed to making a change and raising awareness of all of the issues around false allegations.


For more information about this or if you have been affected by this issue, please contact us for further support.