Schools Membership

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Schools Membership - For schools supporting children who have suffered early life trauma through either pre or postnatal stress, neglect, domestic violence, and/or abuse.


This has been created to help schools become more trauma-informed by sharing our skills and knowledge around Therapeutic Parenting and help create a nurturing environment in the classroom.

This membership supports the whole school to enable you to develop your skills and knowledge around trauma, creating positive outcomes for the students.


The NATP School Membership will give you access to the following benefits, tools, and resources:

  • Annual membership for the school. 

  • Full NATP resource pack posted to the school and available online to download. 

  • NATP Therapeutic Parenting tools kit – Timetables, Feelings Cards, Posters, and much more. 

  • William Wobbly and the Very Bad day book by Sarah Naish and Rosie Jefferies (based in a school setting).

  • The A-Z of Therapeutic Parenting – Strategies and Solutions book by Sarah Naish 

  • Book recommendations.

  • Therapist recommendations.

  • Up to 50% discounted face to face and online training with our partner services, Inspire Training Group.

  • Member’s Hotline.

  • NATP Supporting Professionals forum.

  • Discounted training, conferences, and seminars with our partner services, Inspire Training Group.

  • Quarterly topic sheets with tips and advice for the coming term. 

Price per year:


If you and your school would like to become part of this ever-growing organisation and develop your skills in trauma, please fill in the below form and we will be in touch.

Request a pack today!

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