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Christmas can be such a difficult time of year for children who have experienced trauma. They hear about Santa coming into their house at night! They are told if they are not good that Santa will not come. Sometimes presents get broken and family visits can turn into a nightmare!This Christmas story is written by an adopter of five children and her eldest daughter. The family had all these experiences and more! It gives parents and carers therapeutic parenting strategies to manage feelings of anxiety, which specifically seem to arise at this time of year. The story brings together all five children from the successful Therapeutic Parenting series of children's books and explores common issues encountered by many families at this time of year.This story not only gives parents valuable insight into WHY our children's behaviour often deteriorates at Christmas, but also enables them to read helpful words, (through a third party therapeutic parent), to their child and explain the feelings and resulting behaviours to them.


"Wow.A perfect book for all children.Christmas at the Naishes’ is never going to be dull.A gentle reminder for both parents and children that it’s okay to feel a bit wobbly at Christmas time.This book shares the powerful message of therapeutic parenting with humour. I would strongly recommend this to ALL parents ❤️I can’t wait to share it with the children at school!"


"This book helped the children, and us all as a family, understand a little more about why the children may act the way they do and explore any anxieties about Christmas, changes happening at school and their feelings, for example when people ask if they've been good/naughty/bad.

The Very Wobbly Christmas