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Rosie Rudey is having a difficult day! Everyone is annoying her and she has to do stupid lessons. Suddenly a boy crashes into Rosie in the school corridor! Oh no! Rosie is sure she has broken her leg... But oh dear, school have phoned Rosie's mum, and she has other ideas.

Rosie really enjoys being in a wheelchair and having lots of fuss made. She is very happy that she is going to miss P.E. When the teacher calls her mum though, Rosie knows she won’t be fooled…..What will she do now? Luckily, Rosie’s mum is good at spotting what is going on and helping Rosie, and the school, to sort it all out.

Best selling author Sarah Naish, wrote this true story to help everyone to understand the wobbly feelings a bit better and to be able to talk about those feelings in a funny story.



Rosie Rudey and the Nearly Broken Leg

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