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Rosie Rudey loves chocolate. It's her very favourite food, and it helps fill the empty feelings in her tummy. When her stupid siblings annoy her, Rosie wants nothing more than to eat lots and lots of chocolate.

One day, Rosie takes all of her family's chocolate and forms her own enormous chocolate mountain. She thinks it is beautiful and it takes away all her fuzzy feelings. But then suddenly, there's no chocolate left! And now Rosie is going to throw up. Luckily, Mum understands why Rosie acts this way.

Written by a mum who understands, and her daughter, who is adopted, this endearing story will help your whole family to feel a bit better.


"Not read anything like this before, especially for children... absolutely brilliant! It has given our family a form of words to comment constructively and kindly about emotional eating without shaming. I can't recommend this series of Therapeutic Parenting books highly enough. Essential reading!"


"As a child protection social worker working with children in care, foster carers & adopters. I can wholeheartedly recommend the series of books relating to Rosie Rudey and her siblings. These books allow children to develop their emotional literacy and understanding their biggest and scariest feelings. These books work for the smallest children up to teenagers (yes really) as they are relatable on so many levels. These books are a must for adopters, foster carers, children in care, adopted children, children with additional needs and any child who needs help with developing self awareness and emotional literacy.

Rosie Rudey and the Enormous Chocolate Mountain

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