Penguin Praise Picture

Penguin Praise Picture


Former child in care Rosie Jefferies our Managing Director knows first hand how hard it can be to hear and accept praise.


These subtle praise posters can be used to share positive attributes about your children. The words need to be personalised for each individual and helps the child to develop a positive internal working model.


As you may well be aware NATP is now part of The Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma. The logo for this is a penguin. The children we all care for all look the same as other children, just like birds. The difference is birds fly, our children may not be able to fly but they adapt and with the help of therapeutic patenting become penguins and learn to swim.


Comes in a variety of styles to choose form.


This picture can be purchased as an image only or choose from a selection of Perspex frames to showcase the picture.


This is an A4 full colour image printed on high quality paper.


Postage has been added onto the sale price.


International Shipping available - contact us to order.


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