Keep Calm and TP On!

Keep Calm and TP on!


This pack includes a mixture of Therapeutic Parenting tools we have created for dealing with feelings and difficult times.


This pack includes the following:


1 Therapeutic Parenting Children's book of choice:

Meet Rosie Rudey, Callum Kindly, William Wobbly, Katie Careful and Charley Chatty!
William struggles to control his feelings and when he arrived at school this morning he hid under his desk.
Rosie has an empty feeling in her stomach and tries to fix it by eating too much sugary food.
Callum Kindly has Katie Careful to stay but he cannot help but think she is a weird child. Katie Careful is so scared her new parents might run away that she follows them everywhere, even to the toilet!
Luckily, their mum is here to help them save the day.

Written by a mum who understands, and her daughter (who also liked to tell tales), this set of children’s books for ages 3 to 10 deals with common emotional and behavioural difficulties of adopted and fostered children.


4 Calm cards: 

Do you ever feel there are situations where your children feel overwhelmed and out of control and don't know what to do? Sometimes, they may shout, hit, punch, run away or hide.


Why not arm your child with these calm cards so when they are feeling overwhelmed they can make it clear that they need some time and space to calm down.


10 copies of the 'Nice to Meet You Cards':

Fed up of the tuts, eye rolls and constant judgement of your parenting when out? 
We have made these cards, so when you are out and about you can give them to 'observers' to share that you ARE doing what is RIGHT for your child.


The card also gives them information of where they can find out more about Therapeutic Parenting, helping to raise more awareness.


1 feeling’s key ring: 

Feelings can be so difficult for our children to express ans describe. We have created small cards to keep on them to show when they don't have the words.


1 random ‘In This Family’ poster:

In this family we do…. Therapeutic Parenting. 


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