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Ellie Jelly wakes up hungry and ready for breakfast, but Mum is busy with her little sister Grace. Ellie tries to get mum's attention: she bangs the table, she makes loud singing noises, but it's no good. Finally she decides to make her own breakfast, picking up the heavy milk carton and - OH NO - spilling the milk all over the table and the floor!

Mum gets really angry and shouts at Ellie - Ellie feels all wobbly and her chest is banging - will Ellie Jelly and Mum ever be friends again?

This book helps children aged 3-7 to understand why parents sometimes get angry, and that they don't always mean what they mean when they are cross. Ellie's mum loves her more than the whole wide world.


"This is a fantastic heartwarming book exploring the topic of everyday stresses and the impact on family relationships. At the heart of the book a message of love. Essential reading for all families, fabulous illustrations and written so children can understand and relate. Another groundbreaking book by Sarah Naish, and when read to your child, they will feel reassured of parental love after a stressful day. ❤️" 


"Another amazing book by Sarah Naish, brilliantly written and illustrated.  It shows with words and pictures how anyone can have a bad day and how it can be made better by apologising and repairing, easy for children to understand, another one to add to my collection."

Ellie Jelly and the Massive Mum Meltdown

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