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We are pleased to announce by popular demand our clothing hugs are now available to pre-order.


Even more so than ever, we need our children to remain as calm as possible when they are away from us.


These discreet clothing hugs can be ironed to the inside of their t-shirt or to their favourite comforter. Whenever they feel wobbly, they can look at it and remember how great they are doing, that you are thinking of them and most importantly to some that you will always return.


Each pack will include 5 clothing hugs in a variety of colours, from red, blue, pink green, yellow and purple.


Each will have different sayings, for example -

  • See you soon
  • Pocket hug
  • You are doing great
  • Love you always
  • Super Star
  • Hug & kisses


Postage has been added onto the sale price.


International Shipping available - contact us to order.


Pre-orders can take up to 3 weeks to arrive. 

Orders will be processed and fulfilled Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm

Clothing Hugs

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