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We know how some situations can be tricky to navigate, and your child may feel overwhelmed at times. Busy, noisy places, new environments, and the fear of the unknown can all be triggers for some children. 


These connection cards are aimed at children who are able to recognise their feelings but may not be able to verbalise them and are used as prompts to make a connection with a trusted adult.


Based on the children's books by Sarah Naish, the children can connect to the character and their related feeling. Showing these to their trusted adult when out and about, or in their educational setting may help alleviate anxiety and allow them to access support to emotionally regulate. 


In this pack, you will receive x2 of each style of card.


Postage has been added to the sale price.


International Shipping is available - contact us to order.


Orders will be processed and fulfilled Monday - Friday 9 am - 4 pm

Connection Cards

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