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Move over Perfect Parents! 'But he looks so NORMAL!' A phrase guaranteed to catapult me into bad-tempered parenting. If you are a foster parent, adopter, kinship carer or other Therapeutic Parent looking after a child with additional needs, you may be tired of putting up with Patronising Professionals, dealing with Arguing Children whilst worrying that you have become a very bad-tempered parent. This irreverent look therapeutic parenting epic fails, also combines strategies for efficiently dispatching reward charts. Sarah Naish, a self-confessed Bad-Tempered Mother & adopter of 5, will help you to feel comfortable in your own bad- tempered skin.


"For adoptive parents, this book is like the reading equivilent of an enormous piece of calorie free chocolate fudge cake that the kids haven't already fingered, spat in or redecorated your lounge with. I've not finished the book yet but it's so good I was desperate to share it with other bad tempered parents. I have a friend who is also an adoptive parent and I just ordered her a copy. I may even give her some cake with it, naturally purchased from the local garden centre. Who the hell has time to bake?" 


"A must read for foster carers, adopters and kinship carers. This book ought to be handed out by local authorities and social workers. It will make you laugh out loud at the relevance to your life. This hilarious insight into the challenging world of parenting developmentally traumatised children deals with a tricky topic with humour and real insight. Read it, you won't regret it! PS I'm a child protection social worker & this book improved my practise hundredfold! "

But He Looks So Normal!: A Bad-Tempered Parenting Guide

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