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You've Got This!

Morning Therapeutic Parents!

It’s half term in our weird pandemic world. Aaargh!!! Fear not, we all feel a bit overwhelmed and want to step off the nauseating waltzer of 2020-21.

So here are quick ideas:-

- Set alarm 30 mins early. Get showered and dressed before everyone wakes up.

- Don’t neglect your water intake and carry a bottle around with you.

- Hide that emergency dark chocolate or cereal bar where your children can’t find and reward yourself for getting to 9 am. Repeat each hour!

- Try a different warm drink - fruit tea, cuppa soup (slice of bread for energy!), hot ribena etc.

- There’s always the bathroom to get five minutes of peace in. Use it!!

My youngest tells his Teaching Assistant that “you don’t wee as much as my Mammy because she goes to the toilet a lot more “

It’s ok, I’m not suffering from too much tea drinking. It’s just perfect to escape for a quick break

My last tip for today. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT feel pressured to take up a new hobby IN HALFTERM -IN LOCKDOWN 3!!! Don’t read those bragging posts from perfect parents.

Now is not the time to take up Pygmy goat herding (my dream!), sewing 10 outfits from scratch, rebuilding the car engine, home brewing (altho I can see the big attraction!), decorating the whole house (my friend with non trauma children said to me last week that ‘lockdown had given her so much time to redecorate for the teenagers’. My reply was ‘great, then when you are bored this half term can you come and repaint our bedroom because I’m too busy rocking it on surviving!’ She laughed and then realised that she had told the wrong person about her DIY makeover success There’s always 2030 for a new hobby. Stick to what you know in these days.

Last one - reach out and use the supportive NATP documents and make sure you have your next virtual listening circle date in your diary.

Good luck and remember there’s a whole TP community behind you!

Lindsay - Volunteer of Essential Care

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