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What’s the Harm in Self-harm?

This young woman is 22 years old and has been self-harming since she was eight.

She explained it was unnoticed in the beginning but as her inner turmoil amplified the severity of her cutting increased too. At six years of age she came into care, she had no understanding as to why it happened, her belief is she was taken from her parents because she was a “bad kid,” she was the problem, she was unlovable and unworthy.

Life since then has been a challenge for her, she went from foster family to foster family finally ending up in a residential setting where life became so difficult, she tried to end her own life. Turfed up at 18 she was on her own and fell in with the wrong crowd, became involved in drugs and prostitution. More self-harm, the cuts became deeper both inside and out. She was introduced to tattoos. At 22 she is now a youth worker; she still has a need to harm herself but states this is a rare event these days and often she has a new tattoo if finances allow.

Like most developmentally traumatised children she does not want to hear how wonderful or inspirational she is, instead I simply told her I am in awe of her.

Thankyou lovely young woman for sharing your story with me!

This has also been added to our resource area under Mental Health: NATP 335 What’s the Harm in Self-harm? -

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