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Therapeutic Parenting Podcast: Episode 5

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Why Your Traumatised Child "Behaves Badly"

Today's guest, Sarah Dillon, spent much of her childhood in care.

Now a child and adult therapist, she is an internationally-recognised expert with experience on both sides of the therapeutic parenting fence.

In this episode, she speaks to parents who all too often feel judged when their traumatised child displays regressive behaviours in public - such as screaming tantrums in the supermarket or shoplifting.

As she says, it's one thing dealing with small children in such cases, quite another with a much older and bigger child.

Listen to this podcast episode to discover why parents have absolutely no need to feel failures but why developing "a skin like an elephant and a heart like a marshmallow" are necessary coping strategies.

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Listen to the full episode now - Episode 5

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