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Therapeutic Parenting Podcast Episode 10

Therapeutic Parenting for Children Traumatised by Domestic Violence

The damage inflicted on a child as a result of domestic violence - be it physical or emotional - can have a catastrophic effect on their young lives. In this episode, Rachel Cawthorn, helps us to understand why this is the case and what physiological changes take place in a child as a result of this abuse. Rachel is a social worker with 15 years experience in the profession. She also experienced domestic violence as a child and, as a result, entered into two toxic relationships as a young adult which took their toll on her four children. All this is now firmly in Rachel's past but no one could be better placed to understand the damage inflicted by this kind of abuse. This is why her advice on how to apply therapeutic parenting's kind and gentle techniques is worth heeding. Listen to this Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music or download below.

Listen to the full episode now - Episode 10

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