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The birthday is approaching!

Oh my days! If I hear one more comment about how it's only 3 weeks until her birthday, I swear I will scream! I know children get excited about their birthdays but this is beyond anything normal.

I was worried at first that she would not want to celebrate her birthday. Maybe there were bad memories or even the fact that their birthdays where ignored and went uncelebrated. It's really hard to manage her excitement when I see the other children getting very wobbly and fidgety about it. I know they won't be able to manage their feelings of jealousy. We are keeping it very low key by just having a few friends and family for tea.

This will be the first birthday she is celebrating with us I want to make it special but I don't want to hype everyone up any more than necessary.

How can I manage all her expectations? It's almost like she thinks her birthday will meet all her emotional needs and put right all the wrong of the past.

But it can't!....

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