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Parenting Traumatised Siblings: Making It Work

It is often really difficult for the professionals involved to know if a group of traumatized siblings should be kept together or separated once they've been removed from their birth families. There are so many factors to weigh in the balance such as:

  • Do the siblings depend on each other and have they formed an unbreakable bond?

  • Or is there intense rivalry and jealousy between them?

  • Have the boys been encouraged to think they are more important than the girls?

  • Will learned patterns of behaviour make re-parenting and learning new cultural norms an uphill battle?

  • Is an older child violent to a younger one?

  • Does one child show highly sexualised behaviour to another?

How can a parent meet the different needs of each individual child within a sibling group? And how can parents successfully raise traumatized siblings so that they retain happy memories of their childhood? Social worker, academic and mother of two sibling boys, Jessica Jackson, talks from her own challenging experience with plentiful advice on how to overcome problems. (Jessica recommends using Theraplay techniques for therapeutic games the whole family can play and enjoy)

Listen to this Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music or listen/download here. You can find out more about COECT and the NATP's training, listening circles and support here The Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma is an umbrella organisation combining resources, research and knowledge from cutting edge experts in the sector – Inspire Training Group, National Association of Therapeutic Parents, Sarah Naish – Keynote Speaker and Author, The Haven – Parenting and Wellbeing Centre and Safer Fostering.

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