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Therapeutic Parenting Podcast: Episode 3

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

How to Understand your Child's Malfunctioning Internal Working Model

You may be puzzling over why your traumatised child's behaviour around birthdays and festivities becomes even more challenging and difficult than normal.

Our expert guest on the podcast this week, Glynis Hough, is a Foster Parent with decades of experience, a parent of multicultural children, a former social worker and a parent coach.

She’s been been involved with the National Association of Therapeutic Parenting (NATP) since its inception.

Glynis explains in detail why your traumatised child's ability to trust adults - profoundly undermined by their early life experiences - makes them question their own sense of self-worth.

This leads to all sorts of complicated and unexpected behaviour patterns at any time, but particularly during family celebrations.

Here Glynis talks about her own experiences and effective strategies for coping.

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