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New Addition: Please Don't Shout Me!

Mrs. James is cross with me and is shouting very loudly.

I’m in trouble yet again for being rude and rowdy.

I’m sad I’ve made my teacher angry.

I really wish I hadn’t.

I heard her tell my new TA

‘She’s a right little madam’

It’s very hard to sit and listen, my brain is such a muddle.

I really cannot concentrate and then I get in trouble!

The noises in the classroom are banging through my ears,

Then she shouts at me again and I am full of tears.

‘Why are you not listening’ I hear the teacher scream,

Now my body’s very hot and I need to ‘let off steam’

I feel a great big whooshing deep inside my tummy.

I really want to be at home with cuddles from my Mummy.

Sarah Dillon Therapeutic Parenting Expert explains further -

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