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Managing Transitions

Change... Quite a small word to describe such a large issue, and one that features on the NATP forum pages regularly. So, let’s give some consideration to change and what that means for our traumatised children.

Traumatised children are more likely to suffer anxiety over transitions, both big and small. This is easy to understand because for them new experiences of any kind can be terrifying, and some everyday occurrences such as getting into bed may trigger unmanageable feelings of terror and shame.

It is important to remember that a transition can be tiny – stopping an activity and getting ready for tea – or huge and obvious – change of school year or change of school for example. The behaviour resulting from these issues – refusing to leave the house, refusing to brush teeth, using delaying tactics, getting up all the time – are frequently classed as behavioural issues.

However, where adverse behaviour occurs regularly around change, whether it be big or small, it is worth taking another look and reflecting on the situation as a whole.

Download the FULL Resource - NATP 48 Managing Transition.

NATP 48 - Managing Transitions
Download PDF • 265KB

This can also be found in our Member's area, along with over 150 other downloadable resources on a variety of subjects relating to Therapeutic Parenting.

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