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I Need a Space to Vent 

Please don’t try to rescue me, I just need space to vent I’ve said some awful things but it’s not quite what I meant I am a tired parent and it’s all just got to too much I can’t stop eating chocolate, it’s my secret little crutch I’ve tried to get resources to help me cope much better But all I’ve ever had is a another useless letter Telling me that we don’t meet the threshold for support But If things do get any worse then they might do what that ought What planet are these people on, I need help right now! So I make another phone call to some snotty trumped up cow They’ve got a big long waiting list and I am at the bottom But she’s sorry I am struggling and thinks it must be rotten I had a look at Therapists who I must somehow fund Where’s the money coming from, I’ll just wave a magic wand The Therapists were very nice but hadn’t got a clue How to manage trauma with a nine year old who’s two! I contact social services begging them to come So they put me on a course about how to be a Mum! The course was bloody stupid and only covered theory I attended feeling positive but left there feeling weary Finally I opened up to someone at the school The assured me that they understood but he can’t break all the rules They’ve given him a star chart and he must get more then four Or else he’ll be excluded and kicked right out the door I sit at home deflated, I cannot take much more Crying in a a great big heap upon the bathroom floor If only I could find a way to get our lives on track Cos I’m now out of resources and just about to crack I wander down to Tesco’s to buy a fat cream cake Then bump into another Mum whose suffered the same fate She seems to be much better with the light back in her eyes She asks me how I’m doing and I just stand there and cry There’s hope and help she tells me, come with her and see We’re at a listening circle run by the NATP There’s others there who get it and will help me find a way To get just what I need to face another day.

© Sarah Dillon, NATP Founding Committee Member.

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