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How Can You Help Your Hypervigilant Child?

If your child is from a traumatised background you may be asking yourself why they are seem so super sensitive to everything.

Why are they so watchful and guarded? What are they afraid of?

Why do they seem to focus on matters of peripheral importance when they should be concentrating on their lessons or simply on going to sleep?

Why can't they just relax?

Our expert guest this week, Glynis Hough, makes a welcome return to explain what is happening in a child's mind to make it hypervigilant and to make its behaviour disregulated.

She tells us to practice P.A.C.E. (patience, acceptance, curiousity and empathy) until we're blue in the face.

And she suggest a number of other excellent coping strategies.

To help preserve your sanity, she suggests joining one of the NATP's Listening Circles where parents can seek advice and share their stories.

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