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Abusive Contact!

Occasions when children are taken to see members of their birth family can often act as a flashpoint, creating tensions and awakening hidden trauma. Sometimes the relationships are positive, often they are not!

Parents might dread the build up to these occasions, and it is even harder when the contact has been ordered and all those who know the child can see it is doing more harm than good.

This week we will be looking at the difference between ‘safe’ contact and abusive contact and the effects this can have on the whole family.

On Thursday at 8pm (with the option to watch it later) we will be delivering - No One Asked Me! a live webinar on all the above, as always delivering true empathy for your situation. Jane Mitchell will also share ways to support child through these tough situations.

In the meantime why not head to the NATP Members Area, under Resources you will find - NATP 97 - Coping with Contact

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