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A Therapeutic Lens

Child: On the surface what do you see?

Adult: A ‘normal’ child

Child: How old am I chronologically?

Adult: 11 years old

Child: I don’t feel like an 11yr old

Adult: How old do you feel?

Child: I feel like a toddler

Adult: Don’t be ridiculous

Child: What do I do that concerns you?

Adult: Steal, lie, control, swear, oppose, defy, hide away, hoard food, kick off, the list goes on

Child: I wish I could stop doing these things

Adult: I wish you could too. Actually, I think you can stop

Child: How?

Adult: Just choose to behave, think about the consequences of your actions, consider the feelings of others

Child: Ok, I must be a bad kid if I can’t do what other children my age can

Adult: I didn’t say you were bad, it’s just your behaviour that needs to change

Child: You don’t need to say it, I already know I am

Adult: You just need to try harder

Child: How?

Adult: Start listening to adults and have more respect. Follow the rules

Child: I’m scared of adults

Adult: Don’t be silly

Child: I can’t help how I feel

Adult: Just pause before to do something and put your ‘thinking cap’ on

Child: With my Brain? I haven’t got much of a thinking cap!

Adult: what’s wrong with your brain?

Child: Read the books, do the training, join the NATP and then you’ll understand that MY brain is in a wheelchair! It needs rewiring. I’m stuck in staying alive mode, I can’t think before I do something.

I NEED you to be my ‘thinking cap’, I NEED you to help rewire my brain.

Adult: That could take years!

Child: Yes, Many

Adult: Where do I begin?


Sarah Dillon ©

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Gemma Manning
Gemma Manning
Feb 05, 2020

For the past few months my 5 year old has demanded that I pretend she is 3 or younger every day. She is telling me how old she feels at any particular time without realising it.


Jean Anderson
Jean Anderson
Feb 05, 2020

This is so true. My son is 11 and recently he said “I may be 11 but inside I am only 9 and some days I am only 7”.

Today I have had a call from the school as he is behaving like a toddler.

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