We are delighted to inform you that the ‘Not for Profit’ National Association of Therapeutic Parents is here to help.

Since our launch on 6th March 2017 we have welcomed over 2500 new members and have over 100 volunteers throughout the UK and Internationally who support ANY parent, whether they are a Foster Parent, Adopter, Kinship Carer, Special Guardian or Biological parents whose children have suffered trauma through either pre or postnatal stress, neglect, domestic violence and/or abuse NATP can support them.

The NATP was formed in response to a need for a different kind of intervention to better support Therapeutic Parents. This need was identified through;

• Important Research – ‘No one told us it was going to be like this’ carried out by Fostering Attachments Ltd, and The University of Bristol with Professor Julie Selwyn and Dr Heather Ottoway. Which was requested by the Commons Select Committee to be heard in evidence as part of central governments Fostering Inquiry.

• Feedback from our social media of over 20,500 Therapeutic Parents and supporting professionals, which continues to grow on a monthly basis.

• Over 100 training events, seminars, conferences and workshops carried out throughout the UK and internationally with Foster Parents, adopters, kinship carers, step parents, special guardians and biological parents of children who have suffered trauma or separation.

If you require further information on price and/or membership benefits for staff and families or bespoke packages, please contact:

Rosie Jefferies on 01453 519000 or via e-mail


We are very pleased to announce the launch of a new Listening Circle in High Wycombe!

If you would like further details please follow this link -

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The team at NATP have been working very hard recently, we are now pleased to announce we have sourced OVER 50 NEW resources for our members area, these are currently being added to the website for all members to view and start using straight away.

The resources cover a variety of subjects, for example schools, violence and strategies.

All of these resources are available on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, so these can be access anywhere and in moments of need.

Many thanks