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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who's given me advice and to say this really DOES work if there are people starting and doubting. When I joined only a few months back in summer my son was looking at foster care because his "out of control behaviour". Violent, running away from home, not listening to anything or anyone. He's now not run since August and even though there are still melt downs, there is nowhere near the level of violence and I've been able to help defuse situations before they've erupted completely. My parenting assessment has just finished and she even said carry on with the therapeutic parenting because he's responding so well. My family is staying together!


It has been such an important resource for me. Its enabled me to understand why he acts in certain ways and how I can protect him. He is now in class all day for all lessons (apart from the Christmas run up!!) and loves school. I cant say that he doesnt have wobbles anymore, because he does! But when he does, we can talk about it and we can start to rationalise things. So thank you!

Foster Parent & Qualified Social Worker

For me things changed once I realised I wasn’t on my own! This strengthened once I joined NATP, I love the Listening Circles, I’ve had the opportunity to make friends who I know will not judge me because they understand. I love the fact we as a Listening Circle can meet up and our children all get on, that’s a real delight to behold. But, watching standard parents watching us is pretty special because they see how we manage our children without threats....undoable threats like no

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