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"For me, things changed once I realised I wasn’t on my own! This strengthened once I joined NATP, I love the Listening Circles, I’ve had the opportunity to make friends whom I know will not judge me because they understand. I love the fact we as, a Listening Circle, can meet up and our children all get on, that’s a real delight to behold. But, watching standard parents watching us is pretty special because they see how we manage our children without threats....undoable threats like no

PlayStation for a month."



Who NATP Membership Is For...

  • Adopters

  • Foster Parents

  • Birth Parents

  • Special Guardians

  • Kinship Carers

  • Step Parents

  • Schools

  • Therapeutic Staff 

  • Supporting Professionals 

  • Agencies/Organisations/ Local Authorities

If you are looking after children or supporting families who are caring for children that have suffered early life trauma through pre or postnatal stress, neglect, domestic violence, and/or abuse, NATP can support you.



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Membership is also suitable for Local Authorities, Independent Fostering/Adoption Agencies and any agency/organisations supporting families of children from trauma.


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*Per annum. This membership is for families living outside the UK


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Have you received a corporate code to access NATP Membership for FREE by your Local Authority, Independent Fostering/Adoption Agency or supporting organisation?

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